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Premium themes

over 650 designs

Premium Tools

Free license for our AI tools with every service

Project manager

Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager.

wooCommerce and wordpress custom solutions

New futures for your site

AI integration 1500 euro
ChatGPT for online store. Thanks to the latest technologies, you can now eliminate the need for a consultant in your online store. Using the chatgpt model, we will make a specially trained AI consultant who will know each of your products and be able to answer each and every customer question. For sites with over 1,000 products, an additional fee of 250 euro is payable once.
Monitoring and backup 75 euro/m
Daily backup up to 300 days. Possible integration with google cloud or FTP export. 320 GB disk space and unlimited traffic (subject to fair usage terms).
Image processing 1 euro each
For just 1 euro, you can make any product photo look professional. The service is free for premium plan customers.


new companies
2215 €
VPS Hosting
Free Domain name for 3 years
On-page SEO
24/7 support
Premium templates and plugins
Premium LOGO


for established businesses
5800 €
VPS Hosting
24/7 support
On-page SEO
Premium templates and plugins
Social network accounts
1 year SEO

Guaranteed quality at a low price.

At TargoWeb, we primarily work with WordPress, enabling us to offer a high-quality end product at a lower price.

Thanks to our years of experience with WordPress, we can handle any project. In addition to website development, we can offer you comprehensive support and administration, including order processing.

Of course, if your project is more specific, other content management systems can be used or an entirely new system can be built according to your needs.



for new websites
35 euro/m
50GB storage
Unlimited Traffic
Daily backups
Free domain name
Dedicated IP address


for ecommerce and web apps
59 euro/m
100GB SSD Disk space
Unlimited Traffic
Daily backups
Free domain name (3 years)
Dedicated IP address


for digital agency and resellers
150 euro/m
100GB SSD Disk space
Unlimited Traffic
Improved security for DDOS
Up to 10 free domains
Dedicated IP address

With every hosting plan, you will gain access to our dedicated support system, allowing you to engage with our support team and receive assistance on a wide range of matters concerning your WordPress website. Our 24/7 availability through a ticket system ensures prompt responses and support. Additionally, each customer is granted access to our TargoWeb Tools app for Windows, enhancing their overall experience.


A.I. Support

We offer cutting-edge AI technology that can revolutionize your client support system. Our AI assistant can provide personalized suggestions and support, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of your services. Our GPT models and Pinecoon indexing ensure complete integration of your products and pages, providing comprehensive understanding of each product. With our technology, you can offer exceptional customer service that sets your business apart from the rest. We are committed to empowering businesses to elevate their client experience to new heights, harnessing the benefits of AI technology.

What can we do for your buissness

    • Comprehensive Website Security: Conduct a thorough assessment to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your website, ensuring a secure online presence.
    • Optimized Speed Performance: Fine-tune your website to achieve lightning-fast loading times, providing visitors with a seamless browsing experience.
    • CDN Setup for Enhanced Performance: Implement a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute content efficiently and improve website speed and reliability globally.
    • Improved SEO Score: Enhance your website’s visibility and reach through expert SEO strategies, driving more organic traffic and potential customers.
    • Complete Website Redesign: Transform your existing website into a visually appealing, intuitive platform that aligns with your brand identity and engages your audience effectively.
    • Custom Plugin Development: Craft bespoke plugins tailored to your specific needs, adding unique functionalities and features that optimize your website’s performance.
    • Optimized User Experience: Focus on enhancing user satisfaction by streamlining website navigation, improving accessibility, and optimizing overall user interaction.

How it works?

  • Provide information about your project

    The first step in the workflow is to fill out our questionnaire to help us understand exactly what you need and to prepare a customized quote for you.

  • Establish connection

    After completing our questionnaire, we'll reach out to you to discuss all the details in depth.

  • Working on your project

    After discussing all the details, we'll send you a contract for the project along with an invoice. To commence the work, a 50% deposit of the agreed amount needs to be paid.

  • Finalize the project

    To ensure timely project completion, it's crucial to maintain communication with you throughout the work process and to receive all necessary information (texts, images, etc.). If there are delays on your end, the final deadline for completion will be extended accordingly.

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